If you are looking for the latest in senior activities, healthcare, insurance, events and lifestyle, these top publications are exactly what you need. Magazines have gone through a digital transformation in recent years, increasing their reach and accessibility to the older demographic. Many, if not all, of these magazines are available for online subscriptions allowing for easier access. If you are an old school avid reader, they’re also available in print for an affordable price sent right to your door. 


AARP The Magazine

Arguably the most popular magazine in insurance, AARP The Magazine offers content for any demographic but focus on topics for anyone over fifty. It includes information on everything from politics to a post-retirement, once-in-a-lifetime European vacation. It also includes spotlight articles on significant figures, their most recent being Matthew McConaughey and his mission to heal America. With over 40 million members of AARP, the magazine has an array of health and wellness columns, reviews, and topical information to keep you informed and entertained. 


Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest needs no introduction given that this magazine has reached millions of Americans for almost a century. They feature content on a wide array of topics, from humor and food to health and history. Their online publication is easy to navigate and tailors many pieces to an older demographic, like their most recent The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Retirees. They also offer a large print edition that makes the magazine easier to read. 


American Heritage

Recently relaunched, American Heritage is the oldest, most widely known and respected popular U.S. history magazine. Central to its mission is making top-tier scholarship accessible to a wide range of audiences, proving that history can be lively, interesting, even spell-binding. For nearly 70 years, the magazine has told the American story with verve, humor, accuracy, compassion and, above all, authority. American Heritage has always been apolitical and non-partisan, but tells the story of our nation and the people who built it with respect and appreciation. For history buffs and curious readers alike, this magazine provides entertainment and education for all. 


Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms is the #1 bird and garden magazine in North America with more than 1 million subscribers. They gained popularity over the years by celebrating the “beauty in your own backyard” with a mix of expert advice and personal stories from their wide family of readers. The magazine covers an array of topics such as attracting hummingbirds, building birdhouses, gardening for butterflies, feeding birds for less, growing veggies, tales of readers’ birding experiences, plus a whole lot more. For those of you looking to pick up a new hobby in your very own backyard, this publication could be a great place to start. 


Discover Magazine

Discover magazine reports captivating developments in science, medicine, technology, and the world around us. Spectacular photography and refreshingly understandable stories on complex subjects connect everyday people with the greatest ideas and minds in science. For being science-heavy, the content is digestible and entertaining for those who want to expand their knowledge in this field. 


Golf Digest

Do you prefer reading the latest golf news, exclusive interviews, or helpful tips to improve your swing? With Golf Digest, you get all three. This respected publication is the primary source for monthly ways to improve your score when out on the course and learn more about the personalities of the game’s leading players. Enjoy a deeper level of access to everything from equipment technology to the secrets of leading swing coaches. It also provides a community and connectivity around this outdoor activity for many retirees and seniors. 


Taste of Home

One of the top cooking magazines, Taste of Home Magazine ranks as one of the best magazines for senior citizens who enjoy food and cooking. Featuring more than 200 recipes in every issue, Taste of Home Magazine delivers the perfect recipe for a dish for any occasion. From small meals for 2 to large meals for extended family members, you will find easy-to-follow directions and full-color photos of every recipe to see the finished product before starting. Discover ideas for healthy options, quick meals, slow-cooked recipes, soothing classics, and more.


Travel and Leisure

Now that you are retired, it’s time to travel and relax! Get inspired by Travel + Leisure Magazine as the pages transport you to the world’s best destinations. Start planning your dream vacation with Travel + Leisure’s expert reviews and news on popular locations, complete with each destination’s photographs. Discover tips on how to save money, stay safe, and find the best travel equipment. Whether you are looking to go on a trip with your grandkids or a romantic getaway, you are guaranteed to find great ideas.


Prevention Magazine

This magazine delivers the best holistic health approach for seniors. As you age, it becomes more and more important to focus on your health and well-being. Stay informed about prescription medications’ side effects and learn how to prevent sicknesses and injuries before they happen. Find the best healthy recipes (that actually taste good!) and exercises that work for your age! Each issue also includes tips on managing stress levels, improving your mental acuity, and learning how to recognize cancers.


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